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Stainless Steel 420 Ring Supplier , supply to Sarawak

Feb 21, 2021

Stainless Steel 420 , SUS420 Ring Supplier , supply to East Malaysia (SARAWAK) 

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply variety of Stainless Steel Grades in Round Bars & Plates.  

Below stainless steel 420 (SS420) supply to Oil & Gas Industries in East Malaysia.   
Offered SUS420 Ring is cut from Round Bar , then wire cut to Ring Shaped (with OD and ID size) + Rough Grinding.  



Characteristic of 420 Grade Stainless Steel 

Stainless Steel SUS420 grade is a martensitic, higher carbon version of  SUS410. Available in different variations of carbon content 420 stainless steel is suitable for heat treatment. 420 stainless has a 13% chromium content which gives the specification a level of corrosion resistance properties. British standard grades available are 420S29, 420S37, 420S45.Some other European stainless steel specifications 1.2083 , 1.2316 and 1.4034, both which have a higher carbon content and achieve a good Rockwell hardness when heat treated.

Applications requiring good corrosion resistance and high hardness are ideal for this stainless steel.  

SUS420 can be used in the following ways : 


  • Cutlery 
  • Surgical and dental instruments 
  • Scissors 
  • Tapes and Straight Edges 


To know more about Stainless Steel 420 (SUS420, AISI420) , you may refer to this page :


Titanium Grade 2 Pipes and Fittings

Feb 8, 2021

Titanium Grade 2 (Pure Titanium) Pipes and Fittings

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply variety of Titanium Grades such as Titanium Grade 2 , Titanium Grade 5 (Ti-6AL-4V) & Titanium Grade 23 (Medical Grade Ti-6AL-4V ELI) to the medical, glove and aerospace industries.  

Below are the Pipes and Fittings of Titanium Grade 2 , support to an overseas glove industry company which have branch in Malaysia.

Titanium Grade 2 90Degree Elbow 

Titanium Grade 2 Nipple, Size 1/2'' 

Titanium Grade 2 Socket , Size 1/2'' 

Titanium Grade 2 Ball Valve , Size 1/2'' 

Titanium Grade 2 Union Coupling , Size 1/2''  

Titanium Grade 2 Elbow Supplier Malaysia     Titanium Grade 2 Nipple     Titanium Grade 2 Socket Supplier
Titanium Grade 2 Ball Valve    Titanium Grade 2 Union Coupling Supplier  


Characteristic of Grade 2 Titanium Pipes and Fittings 

Titanium is at least twenty times more erosion resistant than the copper-nickel alloys. Titanium and titanium alloys have proven to be technically superior, highly reliable and cost-effective in a wide variety of chemical, industrial, marine and aerospace applications. Titanium is utilized in many critical services due to its unique set of properties. Titanium is 45% lighter than steel and hence contributes to weight saving which is of paramount importance in offshore applications.

Titanium Pipes and Fittings can be used in the several industries, such as : 

  • Textile machinery
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Power plants
  • Energy industries
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceutical processing industry
  • Modern architecture
  • Home appliances
  • Water waste projects
  • Synthetic fiber
  • Heat exchanger
  • Fluid piping
  • Dairy and food processing


To know more about Titanium Grade 2 Pipes & Fittings , you may refer to this page :


Stainless Steel 310s Supplier Singapore, Export to Singapore

Feb 8, 2021

Stainless Steel 310s Supplier Singapore , Export to Singapore 

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply variety of stainless steel round bars and stainless steel plates ,

ranging from 300Series , 400Series, 600Series, High Performance Stainless Steel and Duplex Stainless Steel.  

We export Stainless Steel 310s (SUS310s) Rod , Round Bars to Singapore with the DIAMETER 6mm , quantity 120pcs.  
Material origin JAPAN.  

In E Steel , we only believe in QUALITY more than PRICING , we only indent with RELIABLE Suppliers and Mills to support the ASEAN Steel & Metal Market. 


Characteristic of Grade 310 Stainless Steel , SUS310s  

SUS310, combining excellent high temperature properties with good ductility and weldability, is designed for high temperature service. It resists oxidation in continuous service at temperatures up to 1150°C provided reducing sulphur gases are not present. It is also used for intermittent service at temperatures up to 1040°C.

SUS310S (UNS S31008) is used when the application environment involves moist corrodents in a temperature range lower than that which is normally considered “high temperature” service. The lower carbon content of 310S does reduce its high temperature strength compared to SUS310.

Like other austenitic grades these have excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures, although other grades are normally used in this environment.

To know more about SS310s Stainless Steel , you may refer to this page :


Stainless Steel 403, SUS403 , SS403 Supplier Singapore

Feb 1, 2021

Stainless Steel 403 Suppliers Singapore , Export to Singapore 

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply variety of stainless steel round bars and stainless steel plates ,

ranging from 300Series , 400Series, 600Series, High Performance Stainless Steel and Duplex Stainless Steel.  



Characteristic of Grade 403 Stainless Steel 

Stainless Steel 403 (1.4024) is the basic martensitic stainless steel; like most non-stainless steels it can be hardened by a “quench-and-temper” heat treatment. It contains a minimum of 11.5 per cent chromium, just sufficient to give corrosion resistance properties. It achieves maximum corrosion resistance when it has been hardened and tempered and then polished. SUS403 is a general purpose grade often supplied in the hardened, but still machinable condition, for applications where high strength and moderate heat and corrosion resistance are required. 


To know more about AR400 Wear Resistant Plate , you may refer to this page :


Carbon Shim Plate Supplier Australia , Export to Australia

Jan 30, 2021

C1095 Blue Temper Shim Supplier Australia , Export to Australia 

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply Shim Plate and Spring Steel Plate , such as Stainless Steel 301 shim(SUS301) Shim and C1095 Blue Temper Shim  

We export C1095 Blue Temper Shim to Australia , partnering with Global Logistic , aiming to send the materials to the customer side with the fastest lead time.  
When sending oversea shipment , there are few critierias to be concerned : 

  1. Nice and Well-treated packaging is important to prevent material from bending / damaging. 
  2. Clear Shipping marks on the parcel for the reference of logistic company. 



Characteristic of High Carbon Shim , C1095 Shim 

Precision Brand Blue Tempered Spring Steel Shim is a C1095 high carbon, hardened and tempered product to meet the most exacting requirements. This high quality spring steel has a Rockwell hardness range of C 48/51. This material is preferred by tool and die makers for low templates and shim applications where toughness and low fatigue values are required. The blue surface is ideal for scribing layouts. Recommended for various types of coiled and flat mechanical springs, such as those used in tuning devices, electrical assemblies, steel tapes and rules.


To know more about C1095 Carbon Shim Plate , you may refer to this page :


AR400 Plate Supplier Singapore , Export to Singapore

Jan 30, 2021

AR400 Wear Resistant Plate Supplier Singapore , Export to Singapore 

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply variety of wear resistant plate and steel plate , ranging from Hardox Plate (Origin Sweden) - Hardox 400 , Hardox 450 , Hardox 500 , Hardox 600 
and also JFE EH400 , Abrex 400 (AR400) , Abrex 450 (AR450) , Abrex 500 (AR500) with the origin Japan.  

We are the Singapore Supplier of AR400 / JFE EH400 / Sumihard 400 Wear Resistant in Singapore and also Philippines



Characteristic of 400 Wear Resistant Plate 

Abrex / Sumihard 400 is a through hardened abrasion resistant steel with a typical hardness of 415 BHN. These steels are the most widely used of the wear resistant grades. They exhibit an excellent combination of high resistance to impact, workability, weld ability and resistance to abrasion. It has about 3 times the abrasion resistance of common steel plate and contributes to prolonging the service life of mechanical parts.

WEAR RESISTANT STEEL PATES is used in areas where there is likely to be a high degree of abrasion or wear of the steel plate.

Steels with a high HB rating (Brinel Hardness) are intended for applications where wear or abrasion resistance is important. The benefit of using an abrasion resistant steel is that that the plant, machinery or constructions working life can be extended considerably. This can significantly improve the reliability, durability and safety of structures and equipment. It also helps to reduce the maintenance costs associated with wear and breakdown of plant.

400 HB steel is over 3 times harder than mild steel (120HB), but only a third as hard as stainless steel (1250HB)

To know more about AR400 Wear Resistant Plate , you may refer to this page :


Happy New Year 2021

Jan 1, 2021
Stainless Steel , Titanium Supplier | Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

new year is a powerful occasion: It’s a time when we reflect on our gratitude for the past and our hopes for the future. And it’s a chance to welcome a fresh start to reinvigorate our enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams. With so much pressure on the moment, it can be hard to come up with just the right words to express new year wishes for friends, family, and cherished co-workers. (That can be especially true if the past year’s challenges still linger for your loved one.) But we’re here to help: Strike just the write note with these new year wishes, thought starters, and famous quotes for anyone on your list.

New Year Wishes for Spouses or Partners

  • Every year with you is the best one yet... cheers to many more.
  • Here’s to making more cherished memories in 2021!
  • I’m so proud of all your accomplishments this year — and I just can’t wait to see what you do in the next.
  • Whatever the new year has in store, we’ll be in it together. Happy new year to the love of my life.
  • The best thing I did this year was fall in love with you. Cheers to making more memories together in 2021!
  • Whatever the new year brings, I know I’ll achieve my goals with you by my side. Happy new year to my forever love!
  • Time flies when you’re with the love of your life. Cheers to another year together — and forever to go!

New Year Wishes for Friends

  • New year, new adventures with my best friend. I can’t wait!
  • In an extraordinary year, I’ve been grateful for your extraordinary friendship…. thank you. And cheers to new beginnings!
  • I’m so grateful for your support and love this year. Here’s to many more years of friendship!
  • Here’s to another year of making memories with you, my cherished friend. Happy New Year!
  • Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Cheers to another year of sisterhood.
  • You deserve all the best: May all your wishes come true in 2021!
  • The future is your story to write… make next year the best one yet.
  • New Year’s Day is the first page in a blank book: Write a phenomenal story!
  • May all your wildest dreams manifest in 2021. You got this!
  • New year, new start. May all your dreams come true in 2021!
  • New Year Wishes for Your Boss or Co-Workers

  • Cheers to more shared successes in the new year!
  • Wishing you and yours some well-deserved downtime and a very happy new year to come.
  • Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021!
  • Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!
  • Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and abundant 2021!
For more information on the steel , please refer to  :

SUS420 Plate Supplier Singapore , Export to Singapore

Dec 23, 2020

Stainless Steel 420 Plates , SUS420 , SS420 Supplier Singapore 

Stainless Steel 420 does not manufacture in Plate Size , at E Steel we are able to cut the materials from Round Bars to Plate Size.  


Above Material SUS420 Plates, thickness vary from thk20mm , thk25mm , thk55mm with different sizes are cut from Round Bars.  (Origin : Europe)  

SUS420J2 Stainless Steel Round Bars Supplier

Dec 23, 2020

Stainless Steel 420J2 , SUS420J2 , SS420J2 Suppplier Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia 

420J2 Stainless Steel also equivalent to 
  • 1.4021 |  1.4028 | 1.4034 | 1.2083 | ASTM A276 | S42000 | BS EN 10088 | AISI BS970 | UNS X20Cr13 |  X30Cr13
  • Japan Spec : SUS420J2

Stainless steel grade 420J2 is inexpensive and highly corrosion resistant steel. It has good corrosion resistance in mild atmosphere as well as domestic and industrial environments.
It is also resistant to dilute nitric acid, carbonic acid, ammonia, crude oil, detergent solutions, vinegar, food acids, several petroleum products, and steam.

Stainless steel grade 420J2 is known to possess good strength and reasonable impact resistant properties in hardened and tempered conditions when compared with 440 grades.

Stainless Steel 420J2 (Origin : Japan) available size from DIA 2.5mm to DIA 400mm.   

* For more information above SUS420J2 , please visit :

Alloy 800 Seamless Pipe Supplier

Dec 23, 2020

Incoloy 800 / Alloy 800HT (32 Ni/21 Cr) Seamless Pipe & Tube Supplier Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia  


Above Material is Incoloy 800h/HT , Alloy 800H/HT Seamless Pipe with OD60.3mm x T3.91mm  (Origin : Italy)  

Mechanical Properties for Nickel Alloy 800 

Properties Metric Imperial 
Tensile strength(annealed) 600 MPa 87 ksi
Yield strength(annealed) 275 MPa 39.9 ksi
Elongation at Break 45% 45%

Heat Treatment & Fabrication for Incoloy 800H/HT

Machinability Machining characteristics of this INCOLOY alloy 800 are similar to that of iron-based alloys. This alloy tends to work-harden during machining.

Welding INCOLOY alloy 800 can be welded by common welding techniques, using a matching filler metal.

FormingThis alloy exhibits good ductility and hence can be formed using conventional methods

Hot Working INCOLOY alloy 800 can be hot worked at temperature ranges of 871-1232°C (1600-2250°F).

Cold WorkingCold working may be done on the alloy using standard tooling.

Annealing - INCOLOY alloy 800 may be annealed after cold working. Annealing should be done at 982°C (1800°F) for 15 min and then the alloy should be air cooled.

* You may contact us through ;


Bandsaw Cutting Services for Mild Steel Hollow Bar, Singapore

Dec 23, 2020

Bandsaw Cutting Services for Mild Steel , from Singapore Customer 

E Steel Sdn Bhd provides Metal Cutting Services using Bandsaw Machines to Singapore.  
We can cut for Mild Steel , Stainless Steel , Titanium , Plastic , Aluminium , etc in Round Bars , Plates , Pipes.  

We have invested over 15 Bandsaw Cutting Machines to provide the metal length customization service to the local market and ASEAN countries.  
Our machine can cut up to Diameter 1,000mm with 5mm cutting gaps.  


With our professional production teams, the surface of bandsaw cutting is nice.  

This material (Mild Steel Final Product, which will be used in Oil & Gas Sector) ships from Singapore Customer , and send back to Singapore within 1 week.  

Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 Supplier

Dec 23, 2020

Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 Supplier Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia 

E Steel Sdn Bhd is the Global Metal Procurement , Asia Metal Traders , Importer & Exporter , Metals Supply Chain Management Company in providing related metal materials to wide arrays of engineering industries / sectors. 

We have ready stock for Nickel Aluminium Bronze , Copper C63000 Round Bars and Rods.  


Above material is Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 , with ASTM B150-19 & AMs 4640H spec.  

Characteristic of Copper Alloy C63000 

Aluminium Bronze C63000 contains around 10% Aluminium , 5% Nickel & 3% Iron.  It offers an inherent high strength and hardness combined with a very good toughness and an excellent resistance to wear , shock and abrasion.  

This Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 (UNS C63000) is equivalent to below materials : 

  • ASME SB150
  • ASME SB171
  • ASTM B124
  • ASTM B150
  • ASTM B171
  • ASTM B283
  • ASTM F467
  • ASTM F468
  • MIL B-16166
  • QQ C450
  • SAE J461
  • SAE J463. 

The Fabrication and Heat Treatment for Nickel Aluminium Bronze 

Machinability - The machinability rate of the UNS C63000 Nickel Aluminium Bronze is 30.  

Welding - 
Brazing, gas shielded arc welding, coated metal arc welding, spot welding, seam welding, and butt welding are considered as suitable welding processes, whereas processes such as Soldering and oxyacetylene welding are not recommended for UNS C63000 alloy.

Forging - UNS C63000 alloy has a hot forgeability rating of 75 with the recommended hot working temperature ranging between 788 and 927°C (1450 and 1700°F).

Hot Working - The hot working capacity for C63000 is good 

Cold Working - It has a poor cold working capacity for this material.  

Annealing - 
The annealing temperature is between and 593 and 704°C (1100 and 1300°F).


Tellurium Copper Bar C14500 Supplier , Origin Europe

Dec 22, 2020

Tellurium Copper C14500 , TellurKoppar (0.5 Te/Bal Cu) Supplier 

E Steel Sdn Bhd is the Metal Procurement Company in providing and supplying special materials to the local market.  
We have a wide Global Networking from Japan , Germany , France , Belgium , China , etc. for special steels sourcing with the best match specifications to support the local market as well as the ASEAN countries.  We coordinate with different Global Logistic Companies to ease the delivery , either by Air Freight and Ocean Freight.  

Product range of E Steel including Alloy Steel , Carbon Steel , Tool Steel , Stainless Steel , Nickel Alloy & Titanium in round bars and plates.  
We are the supplier of Tellurium Copper C14500 with the smallest size of DIA 10mm , and with limited sizes for plates.  


Above Material is Tellurium Copper C14500 , also known as Alloy 145 , Alloy C14500 , 145 Half-Hard Tellurium , and Te-Cu.   

Characteristic of Tellurium Copper C14500

Tellurium Copper C14500 is a copper-based alloy that consists of varied amounts of Tellurium & Phosphorus Chemical content.  
It is said that the Tellurium content is around 0.4% - 0.7% , while Phosphorus content is around 0.004 - 0.12% 

Due to its good electrical and thermal conductivity , good formability and high machinability , these make Copper C14500 suitable for a wide range of industries. 
It includes the below industries such as : 

  • Welding 
  • Plumbing  
  • Electrical 

SUJ2 Supplier Indonesia , export to Indonesia

Dec 22, 2020

SUJ2 Supplier Indonesia , Export to Indonesia 

E Steel Sdn Bhd is the Metal Procurement Company in providing various type of steels to the local market as well as export to ASEAN countries. 

Product range of E Steel including Alloy Steel , Carbon Steel , Tool Steel , Stainless Steel , Nickel Alloy & Titanium in round bars and plates.  
We are the supplier of the SUJ2 Bearing Steel (ASTM 52100 Steel) , and export to Indonesia.  


Above material is SUJ2 - DIA 220 x 60mm = 1pc (Origin Japan) with nice export packaging and clear packing details to be sent to Indonesia.  
E Steel is the supplier of Stainless Steel , Nickel Alloy and Alloy Steel Indonesia.  

SUJ2 or known as 52100 Bearing Steel is one type of special steel with high wear resistance and rolling fatique strength.  

Characteristic of SUJ2 Bearing Steel

SUJ2 Bearing Steel (52100 Steel) has a superior hardness of 60-67 on Rockwell Hardness Scale (RC) at room temperature.  

It is a high carbon chrome alloy steel , which can be used to produce precision ball bearings and roller bearings.  


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