Our Team

Award Winning Steel Supply Chain Company

E Steel is honored to be nominated and awarded as Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) Malaysia’s Corporate Excellence Award 2022 under the Trading Industry Category.

It’s try an honor to be recognized at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Award. More so with this regional edition. E Steel Sdn Bhd has grown from a small steel stockist to an award-winning #1 Air Freight Southeast Asia Steel Company, exporting steel to the Southeast Asia Engineering Industry. This success is the result of hard work by all the team members under E Steel Sdn Bhd.
Mr MK Low | Chairman
Ms Vivian | Co-Founder
Ms Shanny Chua | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ms Hs Lai | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Mr Ben Low | Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Mr CH’Ng | Warehouse Director
Mr Michael Teh | Logistic Director
Sales Department
Ms Wong | Sales Manager
Ms Pang | Sales Executive
Ms Elaine | Sales Executive
Account and Billing Department
Ms Jie Ying | Account Executive
Ms Candy | Account Executive
Ms Winnie | Inventory Management Executive
Ms Kah Mun | Inventory Management Executive

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