SUJ2 Supplier Indonesia , export to Indonesia

22 Dec 2020

SUJ2 Supplier Indonesia , Export to Indonesia 

E Steel Sdn Bhd is the Metal Procurement Company in providing various type of steels to the local market as well as export to ASEAN countries. 

Product range of E Steel including Alloy Steel , Carbon Steel , Tool Steel , Stainless Steel , Nickel Alloy & Titanium in round bars and plates.  
We are the supplier of the SUJ2 Bearing Steel (ASTM 52100 Steel) , and export to Indonesia.  


Above material is SUJ2 - DIA 220 x 60mm = 1pc (Origin Japan) with nice export packaging and clear packing details to be sent to Indonesia.  
E Steel is the supplier of Stainless Steel , Nickel Alloy and Alloy Steel Indonesia.  

SUJ2 or known as 52100 Bearing Steel is one type of special steel with high wear resistance and rolling fatique strength.  

Characteristic of SUJ2 Bearing Steel

SUJ2 Bearing Steel (52100 Steel) has a superior hardness of 60-67 on Rockwell Hardness Scale (RC) at room temperature.  

It is a high carbon chrome alloy steel , which can be used to produce precision ball bearings and roller bearings.  


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