Alloy 800 Seamless Pipe Supplier

23 Dec 2020

Incoloy 800 / Alloy 800HT (32 Ni/21 Cr) Seamless Pipe & Tube Supplier Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia  


Above Material is Incoloy 800h/HT , Alloy 800H/HT Seamless Pipe with OD60.3mm x T3.91mm  (Origin : Italy)  

Mechanical Properties for Nickel Alloy 800 

Properties Metric Imperial 
Tensile strength(annealed) 600 MPa 87 ksi
Yield strength(annealed) 275 MPa 39.9 ksi
Elongation at Break 45% 45%

Heat Treatment & Fabrication for Incoloy 800H/HT

Machinability Machining characteristics of this INCOLOY alloy 800 are similar to that of iron-based alloys. This alloy tends to work-harden during machining.

Welding INCOLOY alloy 800 can be welded by common welding techniques, using a matching filler metal.

FormingThis alloy exhibits good ductility and hence can be formed using conventional methods

Hot Working INCOLOY alloy 800 can be hot worked at temperature ranges of 871-1232°C (1600-2250°F).

Cold WorkingCold working may be done on the alloy using standard tooling.

Annealing - INCOLOY alloy 800 may be annealed after cold working. Annealing should be done at 982°C (1800°F) for 15 min and then the alloy should be air cooled.

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