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SUS416 Stainless Steel | SUS416 | SS416  Stainless Steel SUS416 Stainless Steel | SUS416 | SS416  Stainless Steel

We are the Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel SUS416.  
Stainless Steel SS416 is a free machining basic straight chromium high hardenability martensitic stainless steel with excellent machinability, reasonable strength and corrosion resistance.

We supply and export to Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei and other ASEAN Countries.  
Our specialty is to provide wide range of stainless steel
 with no minimum order (MOQ).

E Steel supply Stainless Steel SUS416 (SS416) Round Bars / Rods / Shaft , SUS416 (SS416) Plates.  
E Steel is glad to export and supply SUS416 Stainless Steel to Singapore , may refer :

Stainless Steel SUS416 Suppliers - SUS416 , SS416 , UNS S41600 , AISI416 , DIN 1.4005 

Stainless Steel SUS416 is a free machining basic straight chromium high hardenability martensitic stainless steel with excellent machinability, reasonable strength and corrosion resistance. Generally supplied either hardened and tempered in the tensile range 550 – 700 Mpa (condition P) Brinell range 152 – 207, or in the annealed condition with a maximum Brinell hardness of 207.

Characterised by excellent machinability, non-galling and non-seizing properties due to its higher sulphur content which has the effect of lowering its corrosion resistance. It is however resistant to mild corrosive atmospheres, fresh water, steam, organic materials, many mild acids and petroleum products, coupled with reasonable strength in the hardened and tempered condition.

SS416 due to its excellent hardenability is capable of being through hardened up to Rc40 depending upon carbon content and section size. Small sections can be air cooled and larger sections oil quenched for maximum through hardness.

Pre hardened and tempered stainless steel 416 will also respond readily to nitriding achieving a typical surface hardness of over Rc65. The nitriding process however reduces the corrosion resistance and is therefore not generally recommended except for critical applications where the benefit outweighs all other considerations.

Material magnetic in all conditions.

Chemical Composition of SUS416 , SS416 

Grade 416 Stainless Steel  Min. %  Max. %
 *Nickel & Molybdenum addition optional. Carbon  0.09 0.15
Silicon  0 1.00
Manganese  0 1.50
*Nickel  0 1.00
Chromium  11.50 14.00
*Molybdenum  0 0.60
Phosphorous  0 0.06
Sulphur  0.15 0.35

Mechanical Properties of SUS416 , SS416 

Tempering Temperature (°C) Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength
0.2% Proof (MPa)
(% in 50mm)
Hardness Brinell
Impact Charpy V (J)
Annealed * 517 275 30 262
Condition T ** 758 586 18 248-302
204 1340 1050 11 388 20
316 1350 1060 12 388 22
427 1405 1110 11 401 #
538 1000 795 13 321 #
593 840 705 19 248 27
650 796 670 17.5 253 38

* Tempering of this steel at temperatures of 400 to 580°C should be avoided due to low impact resistance.

Stainless Steel SUS416 also equivalent to 

Grade UNS No Old British Euronorm Swedish SS Japanese JIS
BS En No Name
ss416 S41600 416S21 56AM 1.4005 X12CrS13 2380 SUS 416


Elevated Temperature Properties in SUS416 Stainless Steel 

While sus416 displays a reasonable resistance to scaling in continuous service up to 650 oC, it does however experience a substantial drop in tensile strength, creep and stress rupture strength at relatively low working temperatures. It is also susceptible to hot cracking due to its high sulphur content.

NB. High temperature use is therefore not generally recommended.


Low Temperature Properties in Stainless Steel SUS416 

416SS is not recommended for use at sub-zero temperatures due to a substantial drop in impact properties consistent with most steels other than the austenitic steel types.


Corrosion Resistance of SUS416 

S41600 due to its higher sulphur content has lower resistance to all corrosion types than grade SUS410, and indeed all of the 400 series martensitic stainless steels.

Its selection therefore is generally based upon its excellent machinability coupled with its lower corrosion resistance capabilities.

NB. It has optimum corrosion resistance in the hardened and tempered condition and is not therefore recommended for use in the annealed condition.

It is most important that oxygen is always allowed to circulate freely on all stainless steel surfaces to ensure that a chrome oxide film is always present to protect it. If this is not the case, rusting will occur as with other types of non stainless steels.

For optimum corrosion resistance surfaces must be free of scale and foreign particles.

Finished parts should be passivated.


Applications of SUS416 , SS416 

Typical usage of SS416 Stainless Steel will be ; 
  • Valves, pump shafts and motor shafts
  • Parts of washing machines
  • Gears, bolts, nuts and studs
  • Automatic screw-machined components

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