How to export to United Arab Emirates, Requirements of exporting to UAE

31 Jul 2021

How to Export to United Arab Emirates Country , Requirements and Documentations 

Export Guide from Malaysia to UAE Country (Kuwait, Dubai, etc) : 

We need to prepare documents as per following to export and succesfully declared by the UAE customs. 

  1. Commercial Invoice from the exporter addressed to the importer in United Arab Emirates countries -
    including goods description, quantity, HS Code, total weight, country of origin, value of the exported items.  

  2. Packing List including weight, method of packing, and HS Code

  3. Attestation of above commercial invoice + packing list by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs @ Putrajaya 
    - Fees : RM100 for the chop & sign by the notary public 
    - Fees : RM40 for the chop & sign by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

  4. Certificate of Origin (COO) , purchased from the Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (MICCI). 
    -  If don't have COO Form , might need to purchase from Chamber of Commercia Malaysia (MICCI) @ RM20/set 
    - If have COO , then submit the documents with the checklist below 

  5. Bill of lading / Airway Bill + K2 Form after shipment is confirmed 

E Steel is the Global Metal Supply Chain Management Company in Malaysia, has successfully supply and export to Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji Island, Dubai, Kuwait, etc.  

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