Stainless Steel 430 , SUS430 , SS430 Plates Suppliers Singapore

22 Apr 2021

Stainless Steel 430 , SUS430 , SS430 Plates (BA Surface Finishing) , Export to Singapore 

E Steel is glad to supply and export Stainless Steel 430 (SUS430 , SS430) Plates / Sheets to Singapore .  

SUS 430 Stainless Steel is a ferritic, straight chromium, non-hardenable grade, combining good corrosion resistance and formability characteristics with useful mechanical properties. Its ability to resist nitric acid attack permits its use in specific chemical applications but automotive trim and appliance components represents its largest fields of application.

Stainless Steel 430 has below characteristic and can be used in Automotive Industries and Architectural Trims , Vending Machine Components , etc.  
  • Good corrosion Resistance 
  • Good Oxidation Resistance
  • Thermal Conductivity 
  • Good Ductility 
  • Good Formality  

SUS430 / SS430 Plates supplied in BA Surface Condition , with two side lamination to protect on the surface of the plates. 
These Stainless Steel 430 Plates are supplying to Metal and Stainless Steel Fabricator in Singapore via truck with just lead time of 3-5 Working Days. 


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