EFI Alloy 79 | Mag 7904 | Soft Magnetic Alloy

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EFI Alloy 79 | Mag 7904 | Soft Magnetic Alloy  Nickel Alloy

We are the Leading Supplier of Alloy 79 , Magnifer 7904 Steel. 
Invar 36 is a soft magnetic alloy , can be used in wide industry such as Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding from low frequency magnetic fields. 

We supply and export to Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei and other ASEAN Countries.  
Our specialty is to provide wide range of Nickel Alloy
with no minimum order (MOQ).

E Steel supply Alloy 79 (Magnifer 7904) Round Bars / Rods / Shafts 

Alloy 79 Suppliers - Magnifer 7904, HyMu 80, Hipernom, Moly-Permalloy, Permalloy 80

EFI Alloy 79 is a soft magnetic alloy consists of 80% Nickel, 5% Molybdenum with very high initial permeability and maximum permeability with minimum hysteresis loss.  

This makes this soft magnetic alloy 79 (aka Mag7904) useful for a wide range of applications, including Electro Magnetic Inteference (EMI) shielding from low frequency magnetic fields.  

Different manufacturer has different trade names for this Alloy 79 : 
  • Magnifer 7904   (By VDM GbmH) 
  • HyMu80   (By Carpenter Technology Corp.) 
  • Hipernom   (By Westinghouse Alloys) 
  • Moly Permalloy 80   (By ATI) 

Mechanical Properties of Alloy 79 

Tensile Strength ksi 98
  MPa 676
Yield Strength ksi 38
  MPa 262
Elongation % in 2 in. 40
Typical Hardness Rockwell HRB 85
Modulus of Elasticity Mpsi 31.4
  kMPa 217


Chemical Composition of Alloy 79 

Iron  Bal.
Nickel  80%
Cobalt 0.50%
Molybdenum 5.0%
Carbon 0.05%
Manganese  0.80%
Silicon 0.50%
Vanadium -
Niobium -
Phosphorus 0.02%
Sulfur  0.01%
Chromium 0.30%

Typical Applications of Alloy 79 

The soft magnetic alloy (Alloy 79 aka Magnifer 7904) is applicable where extremely high initial, maximum permeability and minimum hysteresis is needed.  

Typical Applications included : 
  • Electro-magnetic shielding 
  • Specialty transformer lamination 
  • Toroidal tape wound cores 
  • High quality motor laminations 
  • Stepping motors 
  • Steering magnetics found in particle accelerators 
  • GFI cores 

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E Steel is a Global Metal Procurement Company in providing and sourcing raw materials to the wide range of engineering industries / sectors.  We works as the the Online B2B Metal Marketplace to help our customers in finding the special steels that might feel hard to source locally.  


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