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Invar 36 | Nilo 36 | UNS K93600 | UNS K93603 Nickel Alloy Invar 36 | Nilo 36 | UNS K93600 | UNS K93603 Nickel Alloy

We are the Leading Supplier of Invar 36.  
Invar 36 is a Nickel-Iron, Low-Expansion Alloy containing 36% of Nickel contents. 

We supply and export to Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei and other ASEAN Countries.  
Our specialty is to provide wide range of stainless steel
 with no minimum order (MOQ).

E Steel supply Invar 36 (Nilo 36) Round Bars / Rods / Shafts , Invar 36 (Nilo 36) Plates / Sheets. 

Invar 36 Suppliers - Nilo 36 , UNS K93600 , UNS K93603

Invar 36 (also known as Nilo 36) is a Nickel-Iron, Low-Expansion Alloy containing of 36% Nickel contents.  Alloy 36 maintains nearly constant dimensions over the range of normal atmospheric temperatures, and has a lower coefficient from cryogenic temperatures to about 500°F.  

Invar 36 retains good strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures.  
This material can be hot formed & cold formed and machined using processes similar to austenitic stainless steels.  

Nickel Alloy 36 is weldable using Filler Metal CF36. 


Chemical Composition of Invar 36 

Invar 36 is composed by the chemical composition shown as table below :  

Fe  Balance 
Ni 35 - 37% 
Cr 0.50% 
Mn  0.50%
Si 0.50%
C 0.10%
Other each  0.20%
Other Total  0.50%
C -
N -
O -

Invar 36 Applications 

As the Invar 36 Suppliers , E Steel distributes high-grade and high quality Invar 36 Materials for a wide range of industries , some of the applications where Invar 36 (UNS K93600 / UNS K93603) is used including : 

  • Aircraft controls 
  • Optical & Laser Systems 
  • Radio & Electronic Devices 
  • Composite Forming Tools & Dies 
  • Cryogenic Components 

Why use Invar 36 , Benefits of Invar 36 - 

Invar 36 can be hot and cold formed and machined using processes similar to Austenitic Stainless Steels.  It can be welded using Filler Metal CF36.  

So benefits of this material Invar 36 will be :- 

  • Superior Dimensional Stability 
  • Numerous Workability Aspects 
  • Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) 

Our Sales & Supplier Network

Australia, Pakistan,  Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China,Vietnam, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Sweden, United States, Dubai, Finland, Brunei,Germany.

E Steel is a Global Metal Procurement Company in providing and sourcing raw materials to the wide range of engineering industries / sectors.  We works as the the Online B2B Metal Marketplace to help our customers in finding the special steels that might feel hard to source locally.  


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