Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 , UNS C95800 Alloys

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Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 , UNS C95800 Alloys  Copper Alloy

We are the Leading Supplier of Aluminum Bronze C95800. 
UNS C95800 Alloy is a Nickel Aluminium Bronze Copper Casting Alloy.  

We supply and export to Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei and other ASEAN Countries.  
Our specialty is to provide wide range of Copper Alloys 
with no minimum order (MOQ).

E Steel supply Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 (Copper Casting C95800) Round Bars / Rods / Shafts , Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 (Copper Casting C95800) Hollow Bars.   

You may refer to this article on our support to Petronas Project in Labuan :

Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 Suppliers - UNS C95800 Copper Casting Alloy , C958 Aluminium Bronze 

UNS C95800 alloy is a nickel aluminum bronze copper casting alloy. Other types of bronze alloys include phosphor bronze, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, architectural bronze and manganese bronze.

Chemical Composition of C95800 Aluminium Bronze 

C95800 Bronze Cu, Copper  Al, Aluminium  Ni, Nickel Mn, Manganese Fe, Iron
In percentage (%) 79.0 8.50 - 9.50 3.50 - 4.50 0.80 - 1.50 0.030

Physical Properties of C95800 Copper Alloy 

Density in Metric : 7.64 g/cm3.

Aluminum Bronze C95800 is also equivalent to 

Equivalent materials to UNS C95800 Alloy are : 

  • ASTM B148
  • ASTM B271
  • ASTM B30
  • ASTM B505
  • ASTM B763
  • ASTM B806
  • MIL B-24480
  • QQ C390
  • SAE J461
  • SAE J462

Fabrication and Heat Treatment of C95800 Copper Alloy 


Welding processes suitable for UNS C95800 alloy include brazing, soldering, coated metal arc welding and gas shielded arc welding. Oxyacetylene welding and carbon arc welding are not recommended for this alloy.


The machinability rating of UNS C95800 alloy is 50.

Heat Treatment

UNS C95800 alloy has stress relieving temperature of 316°C (600°F). This alloy does not react to heat treatment. The time at temperature for this alloy is one hour per inch of section thickness.

Applications of Copper Alloy C95800 

UNS C95800 alloy is used in parts that come in contact with salt water such as blades, propellers etc.


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