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Heat Treatment Services

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Heat Treatment Services  Partners

For Heat Treatment Suppliers , Heat Treatment Hardening Vendors in Malaysia , please refer to our partner with this link : Heat Treatment Service Provider Malaysia 

E Steel has partner with Heat Treatment Service Providers in Malaysia , providing Hardening Services , Induction Services , Case Hardening , Annealing / Tempering Process.  


Heat Treatment Hardening Services / Through Hardening Services 

To produce the most durable parts with clean surface and minimum distortion.

Through hardening is the process of using a rapid quench to increase hardness throughout a steel alloy for the purpose of increasing its strength. As opposed to case hardening, which gives steel a hard outer layer while preserving a softer, more ductile core, through hardening diffuses carbon throughout the entire section of steel.

Through Hardening Heat Treatment Services is useful for applications where strength, hardness and wear-resistance are desired.

Induction Services 

Induction heating is often used in the heat treatment of metal items. The most common applications are induction hardening of steel parts, induction soldering/brazing as a means of joining metal components and induction annealing to selectively soften an area of a steel part.

Case Hardening 

Case hardening is a term used to describe several, more specific procedures which involve the addition of carbon or carbon and nitrogen to the surface of steel. This is done to give the material a hard, wear-resistant outer layer while preserving a softer, more ductile core that is better able to respond to stress without cracking. Case hardening allows manufacturers to work with softer materials and still meet basic requirements for hardness required by an application.

Annealing Process 

The annealing process is performed to relieve the internal stresses that have occurred during the rolling process. The temperature inside the annealing furnace reaches 400–600°C, which is sustained for 1.5 hours using LPG bottles or diesel as fuel. The annealing process is done two or three times before reaching the cutting stage, and after longitudinal stretching, transversal stretching, and cutting into circular discs. The number of times the annealing process is repeated depends on production and furnace capacities.

Other Services including : 

Vacuum Hardening , Shot Blasting , Subzero Proce

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