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Mild Steel in Round Bars , Plates

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Mild Steel in Round Bars , Plates Partners

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Mild steel is an important metal category and its existence is nearly 9/10 of world’s steel products, one of the main reasons is due to its low production cost. Its application cover from heavy industries to Food & Beverage (F&B) industry such as kitchen utensil. Mild steel is strong enough yet affordable at reasonable cost, mild steel has carbon content up to 0.25%, and other elements such as manganese, silicon, sulfur and phosphorous. The lower the carbon element content in mild steel, the milder the carbon steel will be. However, both user and mild steel supplier in Malaysia shall understand more what can mild steel does, its properties and characteristics.

Mild steel is one of the alloy series where alloy is a mixture result of both metal and non-metal, pure metal cannot be having all properties that is required and hence additive elements must be added appropriately to ensure specific characteristics can be obtained. For instance, ductility, tensile and hardness are aspects of metal in which mild steel supplier in Malaysia expects to achieve through element and carbon add-on.

There are so many types of elements can be added, with a little bit of carbon content, properties can be altered on the mild steel. The practical theory works in way according to mild steel product supplier Malaysia, there are tiny gaps among iron lattices; carbon atoms that are space-attached make a harder and stronger yet compromising on its ductility.

Not only being applied to automotive industry as vehicle body and part, mild steel is also used widely for building as structural steel by contractor. In addition to that, mild steel is also being utilized for other building materials such as piping, accessories since it has high malleability. Mild steel supplier Malaysia can do the machining at a relatively easy and effortless method on drilling, shaper, milling and lathe machines.

Mild steel can be easily machined in the lathe, shaper, drillling or milling machine; its hardness can be increased by the application of carbon. Mild steel products are magnetized easily due to its ferromagnetic properties where most of the electrical devices are made up of mild steel. Mild steel supplier Malaysia also does advise users if they would like to go for rust free, can opt stainless steel rather than mild steel because the latter contains relatively high carbon amount.

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