Incoloy Alloy 27-7MO | UNS S31277

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Incoloy Alloy 27-7MO | UNS S31277  Nickel Alloy

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Incoloy Alloy 27-7MO (UNS S31277) 

INCOLOY alloy 27-7MO is an advanced super-austenitic stainless steel containing 7% of molybdenum. When the content of molybdenum is increased the corrosion resistance in many environments is enhanced. The combination of nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum increase the corrosion resistance range to reducing media, pitting, crevice, acids, stress cracking and caustic corrosion. This alloy is also capable of resisting corrosion by sea water and chemicals in the pulp, paper, oil and gas industries. 

UNS S32177 Material is an advanced 7% molybdenum super-austenitic stainless steel offering corrosion resistance in most environments superior to 6% molybdenum super-austenitic stainless steels.
In many environments alloy 27-7MO offers resistance approaching that of much more highly alloyed materials such as INCONEL alloys 625, 22, and C-276.
Alloy 27-7MO products typically contain 27% nickel, 22% chromium, 7.2% molybdenum, and 0.34% nitrogen.

The alloy’s content of nickel and nitrogen produce a stable austenitic structure. By virtue of its content of molybdenum, chromium, and nitrogen, alloy 27-7MO offers excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. The nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum provide resistance to reducing media while a high content of chromium offers resistance to oxidizing media.

Alloy 27-7MO performs well in mixed acid environments, especially those containing oxidizing and reducing acids.

The alloy’s contents of nickel and nitrogen result in resistance to stress corrosion cracking and attack by caustic media. Alloy 27-7MO offers excellent resistance to corrosion in seawater and brine. It also resists stress corrosion cracking in all concentrations of sodium chloride up to saturation at the boiling point. It is resistant to the aggressive media encountered in air pollution control systems such as flue gas desulfurization equipment for high-sulfur coal-fired electric power utilities. 

Chemical Composition 

  Ni Cr Mo Mn C Si Cu Fe
Max 26.0 20.5 6.5 3.00 0.02 0.5 1.5 Bal.
Min 28.0 23.0 8.00       0.5  

Tensile Data

Mechanical Property Requirements
  Ultimate Tensile Yield Strength (0.2% OS) Elong. R/A Hardness
Cold Finished/Annealed
Min Max 120 KSi 60 KSi 50   Rb 95
Hot Finished/Annealed
Min 827 MPa 414 MPa      


Corrosion Resistance

Pitting Resistance Equivalency Number – A means of comparing the corrosion resistance of alloys is by their Pitting Resistance Equivalency Number or ‘PREN’.

Alloys exhibiting higher PREN values are generally found to be more resistant to localized corrosion than those with lower PREN values.

PRENs for alloy 27-7MO and similar materials are seen in Table 5. Based on these values of PREN, alloy 27-7MO would be predicted to offer significantly better corrosion resistance than alloy 25-6MO (and similar grades of super-austenitic

Resistance to Corrosion by Seawater

Nickel-chromium alloys and austenitic and super-austenitic stainless steels containing molybdenum are well known for their resistance to corrosion in seawater and marine environments.

A test program conducted at the LaQue Center for Corrosion Technology in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina (a laboratory well known for marine corrosion testing) produced data showing that INCOLOY alloy 27-7MO offers corrosion-resistance superior to many of the corrosion-resistant alloys commonly used in marine service.

Samples of sheet to which Teflon crevice devices were attached were exposed to flowing natural seawater at


Applications for INCOLOY alloy 27-7MO are found in the :

Pollution control, power, marine, chemical processing, pulp and paper and oil and gas industries. The alloy offers a unique combination of corrosion resistance, high strength and ease of fabrication at an economical price. Alloy 27-7MO is available in standard product forms including plate, sheet, rod, bar,

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