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S32760 Super Duplex | F55 | Zeron 100 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

We are the Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Super Duplex S32760.  
Stainless Steel S32760 (F55 Super Duplex) has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and gives a high resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue.

We supply and export to Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei and other ASEAN Countries.  
Our specialty is to provide wide range of stainless steel
 with no minimum order (MOQ).

E Steel supply Stainless Steel Super Duplex S32760 (F55 Duplex) Round Bars / Rods / Shaft , Super Duplex S32760 (F55 Duplex) Plates. 

Super Duplex S32760 Supplier - F55 Duplex , UNS S32760 , 1.4501 Super Duplex Stainless Steel 

UNS S32760 Super Duplex stainless Steel has enhanced pitting and crevice corrosion resistance in comparison with the ordinary austenitic or duplex types and is suitable for use in aggressive environments. This is due to the higher additions of chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen. This austenitic stainless type grade combines high strength and good ductility with outstanding corrosion resistance qualities.

Super Duplex S32760 has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and gives a high resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue.

Chemical Composition of F55 Super Duplex Stainless Steel 

C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni W Cu N PREN
0.020 0.25 0.55 25.20 3.70 7.00 0.65 0.60 0.22 Min. 40

Condition: Solution Annealed and Water Quenched.

U.T.S 109 KSI Min (750 N/mm2)
0.2% Proof Stress 80 KSI Min (550 N/mm2)
Elongation 25 %  
Red of Area 45 %  
CVN Impacts @ -46°C (-50°F) 45 Joules (33 ft-lbf)

NACE MR0175 limits the supply hardness to 28 HRC max.


Properties of S32760 Super Duplex:

  • Ferritic-austenitic stainless steel.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance against general corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, pitting, crevice and erosion corrosion and possessing very high mechanical strength properties.
  • Good weldability, post weld heat treatment not necessary.
  • Max. Temperature for long periods of service: 280°C (536°F) / (300°C/572°F possible for short periods).
  • Surface condition for optimum corrosion resistance: pickled or machined.


Application of Duplex Zeron 100 (S32760) 

Components in offshore, waste water, sea water desalination and chemical plants with aggressive chloride-containing media e.g. heat exchangers, separator parts, compressor and pump components, turbine blades.


Weldability of super duplex 32760 is good. The welding procedures are similar to those applied for conventional duplex grades. Welding consumables for different welding methods are available.


The machine ability of super duplex 32760 is superior to comparable super duplex grades due to its optimised inclusion characteristic. Further details are available on request.

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