Bandsaw Cutting VS Plasma Cutting for Stainless Steel

14 Jun 2021

Bandsaw Cut VS Plasma Cut for Stainless Steels 

Bandsaw Cutting for Stainless Steel SS304 (SUS304L , SS304L) , Stainless Steel SS316 (SUS316L, SS316L)

Bandsaw Cutting is one of the most basic methods in the cutting ways, it utilizes the fully automatic saws that are capable of cutting metal and a wide range of other
materials by using the multiple swift and clean cuts.

Advantages of Bandsaw Cut in Stainless Steels 

  • Bandsaw Cutting can be fully automatic
  • Cutting capacity can up to diameter 1000mm
  • Capable to saw cut metal bars , plates , pipes and tubes

At E Steel Sdn Bhd (The Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy & Titanium Suppliers) , we are glad to offer waterjet cutting , plasma cutting and saw cutting steel services for stainless steel. 
Stainless Steels is the popular raw materials in the manufacturing sector , however due to the stainless steel strength, durability and corrosion resistance , it makes the cutting of stainless steel becomes difficult. 
Therefore , when cutting stainless steels , sufficient background knowledge on which type of tools to be used on the cutting of stainless steels are required.
Bandsaw Cutting is effective at cutting a variety and wide range of metal grades including Stainless Steel. 
By using Bandsaw Cutting , it can provide a smooth cuts in tougher metals such as Stainless Steels , Copper Alloys , Titanium and Nickel Alloys. 
Bandsaw Cutting allows operators to switch back and forth between different metals more efficient and easily than using circular saw. 
Glad to inform that bandsaw cutting is also less expensive and better equipped to handle stacking or bundling when cutting multiple pieces of metals at one time. 

Disadvantages of Plasma Cutting in Stainless Steels :

Plasma Cutting uses a torch with a jet of accelerated hot plasma to cut the metals (Stainless Steel) and other material to required size.  This cutting method although is cost-friendly , yet difficulty to get clean cut for milling process.

Comparison of Bandsaw Cutting vs Plasma Cutting in Stainless Steel 304 (SUS304 / SS304) :

  • Bandsaw Cutting have smooth cut surface than Plasma Cutting
  • Bandsaw Cutting provides more precise , more accurate cutting
  • Minimize your machining costs , because less wastage on the materials. 

Bandsaw Vs Plasma Cut in Stainless SteelBandsaw Cut for Stainless Steel 304 , SUS304 , SS304

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