E Steel preparing for Industrial 4.0 and Smart Warehouse in Steel Industry

13 May 2021

Industrial 4.0 with Smart Warehouse and IOT Cloud Platform Assessment at E Steel 

E Steel is a MRS = Manufacturing Related Service  

MRS (Manufacturing Related Service) can be defined as 
activities or services, other than manufacturing activities, that are performed to support or complement the manufacturing activities with a view to the use, sell, transport, delivery or disposal of the manufactured products. They include all the upstream and downstream activities in the manufacturing value chain.

MISSION : To ensure right quality, matching specifications, shortest lead time, assurance of delivery and convenience to customer purchase.
VISION : To become Asia’s top industrial 4.0 metal central hub with the only supply chain management expertise that customers need.

E Steel has more than 2k+ Satisfied Customers and with 17+ Years of Experience in the Steel Industry , which support the Oil & Gas Industry, Palm Oil Industry, Aerospace Industry, Power Plant Industry, General Engineering and etc. 

INDUSTRY 4.0 Strategic ROADMAP of E Steel : 

Year 2020 - 2021 :
- Investing in ERP System (Accounting, Sales, Procurement, Inventory Control).  
- Investing and upgrading to CNC Cutting Machine 
- Industry 4.0 Training 

Year 2021 : 
- Investing in #1 Steel Industry Mobile App + B2B Metal Marketplace
- Smart Warehouse with bar-code scanning 
- Operation and production team turns into digital (cutting instruction, output data acquisition) 
- Connected with data visualisation and real-time analytics & dashboard 

Year 2022 : 
- Fully Automated with flexible digital business model 

Year 2023 : 
- Smart Production Line and Services with self-adaptive and customisation enterprise 

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