Stainless Steel Shim 301, SUS301 Spring Steel, Shim Plate Suppliers Singapore

28 Apr 2021

Stainless Steel 301 , SUS301 , SS301 Shim Plate , Export to Singapore 

E Steel is glad to supply and export Stainless Steel 301 Shim (Stainless Steel Shim Plate) to Singapore , and we are the Stainless Steel Shim Suppliers Singapore 

E Steel supply Stainless Steel 301 Shim (SUS301 Shim 3/4 Hard) and Stainless Steel 301 Shim (SUS301 Shim Full Hard) with below details: 

SUS301 Shim 3/4 Hard - 
Tensile Strength : 1205 MPa min. 
Yield Strength : 930 MPa min 
Elongation : 12% (% in 50mm) 

SUS301 Shim Full Hard - 
Tensile Strength : 
1276 MPa min. 
Yield Strength : 965 MPa min. 
Elongation : 9% (% in 50mm) 

Stainless Steel Shim is mostly used in the applications of ;
  1. Automotive Wheel Covers 
  2. Curtain Walls 
  3. Screen Frames 
  4. Making Rail Car Structural Components , etc. 

Spring Steel Plate is covered nicely with wooden secure pallet before sending to Singapore to avoid any scratches and bend during the delivery.  
Lead Time from item preparation and delivery of orders from Malaysia to Singapore only take 3-4 Working Days.  


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