Why choose Saw Cutting for Stainless Steel Plates instead of Plasma Cutting

06 Nov 2022

Saw Cutting for Stainless Steel Plates

E Steel is the Malaysia Stainless Steel suppliers with more than 30 grades of Stainless Steels
and we export to ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. 

Why use Saw Cutting instead of Plasma Cutting on Stainless Steel ? 

In E Steel, we promote on using Saw Cutting for stainless steels, because :

1️⃣ Using Saw Cutting , the surface is smoother than Plasma Cutting.
2️⃣ Using Saw Cutting , it provides more precise and accurate cutting
3️⃣ Using Saw Cutting , it reduce the wastage on the materials for machining, and improves machining costs.


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