Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 , UNS C95800 Copper Alloys

29 Mar 2022

Nickel Aluminium Bronze C95800 , UNS C95800 , ASTM B148 C95800

E Steel Sdn Bhd is the importer and supplier of Aluminium Bronze ASTM B148 C95800 , Copper Casting Alloys to the Asia's Engineering Industries.

Aluminium Bronze UNS C95800 offers superior salt water corrosion resistance and it is also resistant to cavitation and erosion.

E Steel Sdn Bhd ables to meet customer's special request of faster and shorter lead time by using Air Freight Shipment , and delivers to worldwide.

E Steel glads to partner with the Korea Casting Mills and Germany Mills , to cast to customers' required size as per below Copper Alloy in Hollow Bar , Round Bars and Blocks.

Bronze Casting : C8440 / C9030 / C9050 / C8360 / C9220

Phosphor Bronze Casting : C9070 / C9100 / C5190 / C5210

Leaded Tin Bronze Casting : C9271 / C9370 / C9380 / C9410

Aluminium Bronze Casting : C9520 / C9540 / C9580

Free Cutting Phosphor Bronze : C5340 / C5440

Silicon Bronze : C6510 / C6550

Aluminium Bronze : C6140 / C6300

Aluminium Bronze , Copper Castings , Nickel Aluminium Bronze  

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